How to enrol

Eligibility Criteria

The student is

1.       either not attending school (out of registered school) and thus is showing in ENROL as a NENs case. The K3 Attendance Service works with the case to get the student enrolled in a school.

2.      or has been excluded from school

3.      or has dropped out of Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu after enrolment as an at risk student

4.      or is, while on the roll of a school, not attending that school

5.      or has been suspended and is at risk of further suspension

6.      or is struggling with the school setting and needs time to address issues related to learning.

Not Eligible for AE

·         Y9 although exceptional circumstances may apply in Terms 3 and 4 

·         High & Complex Needs students

·         Intensive Wrap Around Service students

If a student meets 1 or more of the eligibility criteria above, then the student’s high school will make a referral to the Alternative Education Manager. If the request is accepted the AE manager will meet with the student and their family before an Induction Meeting is scheduled. The student will stay enrolled in their high school even though they will attend 180 Degrees Alternative Education Programme full time. Once students turn 16 they can be transitioned from 180 Degrees Alternative Education into either further training, employment or back to high school. 

Students and Whanau need to consult their representative if they wish to be considered for Alternative Education. If you are unsure of how to identify your representative, contact the Administration at your current school. 

To access more information about the Alternative Education Christchurch Consortium

I wouldn’t be where I am
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