The 180 Degrees Alternative Education (AE) Course is based in Sydenham, Christchurch. We provide for 19 students between the age of 13 and 16 and in years 10 and 11 at high school. Alternative Education courses were created with the intention of re-engaging young people into education. These young people are often excluded from mainstream education due to a variety of reasons. Our course programme focuses on academic progression and education utilising the outdoors. The diverse environments we expose our students to reinforces their learning and gives them skills they can transfer into everyday situations.


We utilise the current New Zealand Curriculum to ensure we deliver an effective teaching and learning programme.  Using the NZ curriculum we develop an Individual Education Plan for each student.  This plan is created to assist the student’s personal developmental as well as outlining a clear plan for achieving NCEA Level 1 credits.  






Educational Settings

We work in a number of environments to provide mental and physical challenges to our students. By utilising the outdoors as much as possible we provide new experiences and increased opportunities. A large part of our wider educational scope is delivering multi day camps into the High Country that involve a large physical component and an opportunity for our students to work towards their IEP goals. Each week our students go on outings into the wider Canterbury area to make use of rivers, lakes and mountains, where they are challenged to extend their comfort zones and develop new skills. Through completion of these trips our students develop a sense of success and personal achievement as well as learning respect for themselves, others and the environment. Some of these settings include, Lake Taylor Station in Lake Sumner Conservation Park, Glenthorne Station, Arthurs Pass, Banks Peninsula, and Mt Somers Conservation Area.