Ko te hītawetawe ki uta ko te kāroaroa ki tai

 Ko tūkawikawi o Tūkaiākiko

Tū rangatahi, tū rangatira

With the height of the mountains and the turbulent oceans   

We will challenge our youth (physically and emotionally   

To grow and to stand for others

Youth Mentoring Division  -180 Degrees Trust. A typical 2018 success story.

Early in 2018 Kelly (name changed for confidentiality) was placed on the 180 Degrees Alternative Education Programme due to Kelly not attending or engaging at mainstream school. This placement at the 180 AE proved difficult for Kelly and so the 180 Degrees staff were able to secure funding for Kelly to be placed on the 180 Mentoring Programme.

Kelly’s social worker at Oranga Tamariki believed having one-on-one mentoring would greatly benefit Kelly to make positive changes in her life. Kelly had expressed that she wanted a better life for herself, growing up in an environment where there was generally no consistency, abuse of drugs, alcohol, aggression and violence.

During Kelly’s time on the Mentoring Programme her mentor has built a trusting relationship with her and discovered that she is incredibly creative, smart and caring. Her mentor spent a lot of time engaging in Kelly in creating pieces of art work through drawing and painting as this is one of Kelly’s passions. Speaking to Kelly about returning and re-engaging back into education became an open and honest conversation. Kelly wants better things for her future and has been determined to change her family’s track record of school attendance. She wants to be different and to lead the way by making positive changes for not just herself but her family’s future.

After 18-months of no schooling or education, and a little over two months of having some consistency in being part of the 180 Degrees Mentoring Programme, Kelly is now officially enrolled into Cashmere High School as a year 10 student. And she could not be happier! Following on from this, 180 Degrees will continue to support Kelly through mentoring  after school on a weekly basis to make sure her transition is smooth and she stays focused and on track.

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