What is Intensive Mentoring with Camps and what is the programme seeking to achieve?

The objective of Intensive Mentoring with Camps is to contribute to the reduction of youth offending, improve life outcomes and engage young people in education, training or work. It will achieve this objective by implementing focused interventions that promote positive social behaviours through skills based programmes.

Our Intensive Mentoring with Camps programme includes adventure-based activity designed to develop the Young Person’s communication, teamwork and problem solving skills. 

Programme Outline

Each young person that comes on our programme is treated as an individual and goals are tailored to suit their current situation.

Our focus at the beginning of the intervention is on establishing a relationship with the young person and building a rapport. This is done through 1-2 hour activities with their mentor in the city and surrounding area.

Once a satisfactory relationship is formed, we introduce more structured and rewarding challenges. Our aim at this point is to demonstrate how achieving simple goals can transfer into everyday situations. For example, a simple mountain biking trip involves; listening to and following instructions, a self awareness of potential risks, having the motivation to fully participate and the feeling of success on completion.

When the young person has completed some of the more manageable activities, we will begin to take them on adventures that will increase in both challenge and reward. Ranging from overnight trips in the high country to 6 day hiking, mountain biking and rafting adventures across the south island - all with the purpose of developing and strengthening the individuals skills and attitudes for everyday life.

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