What is our mentoring Programme about?

The mentoring programme we run is through Oranga Tamariki - Ministry for Children with the vision of contributing to the reduction of youth offending, improving life outcomes and engaging young people in education, training or work. Our programme will provide individualised and intensive support, positive guidance, encouragement, opportunity and challenge which assists the Young Person to achieve their goals and aspirations. It includes an Individual Mentoring Plan which aims to improve the Young Person’s educational and employment opportunities, increases their community participation and reduces the level of their offending.


Each young person that comes on our programme is treated as an individual and goals are tailored to suit their current situation.

Our focus at the beginning of the intervention is on establishing a relationship with the young person and building a rapport. This is done through 1-2 hour activities with their mentor in the city and surrounding area.

Some of the things we often focus on with young people include; helping the young person develop and present a CV, preparation for interviews and employment support, opening doors for young people to get involved with and join sports teams, and introducing young people to new hobbies/activities.

Young people on our mentoring programme are often also involved with a lot of the high country adventures we run throughout the year, exploring and travelling through areas like Lake Sumner, Lake Coleridge and Arthurs Pass.


What we aim to achieve through our programme:

  • A trusting and respectful relationship with their Mentor
  • Achieving the goals identified in the Young Person’s Individual Mentoring Plan
  • Increased skill and knowledge, leading to improved opportunities to access education, training or employment
  • Engagement in meaningful positive activities which will lead to improved life outcomes
  • Minimised risk to the community from future offending and other negative behaviours
  • Increased appreciation and sense of connection to a safe community

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