Jeremy Nurse - Managing Trustee

Jeremy has a lifetime of farming and a record of assisting youth as a background to his work with the 180 Degrees Trust. His role involves him with all facets of 180 life be it fundraising, attending camps, overseeing the 180 School or hatching new projects.


HAYDEN DEVINE - Operations Manager

Hayden Photo.jpg

Hayden has a BA Honours in Outdoor Adventure Education from Marjon University in the U.K.

He has 10 years’ experience Coaching, Instructing and Developmental programming in the Outdoor Industry in both Land and Water based environments across the UK the US and NZ. His passion is Developmental Programming with Youth in an adventure based setting. In his free time he likes to climb, mountain bike, travel and go on adventures.


Charlotte Wilson - Teacher


Charlotte Wilson completed her Bachelor of Teaching and Learning at the University Canterbury in 2012 and has since been mostly working in Primary school settings with senior students. She has a passion for sport and outdoor education with previous sports leadership experience. Charlotte enjoys teaching outside the traditional classroom walls and sees great values in getting kids outdoors.


Pauline Linton – tutor

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Pauline completed her Bachelor of Sport and Leisure in 2014 and is currently studying for a Masters in Transcultural European Outdoor Studies. She has a love for travelling and meeting new people. Her outgoing personality, excellent interpersonal skills and passion for the outdoors make her an asset to the 180 schooling team


Dylan Dhue - Youth Mentor

Dylan has a history of working with youth through church programmes and camps. As well as seven years’ experience with numerous volunteer fire brigades around the Canterbury region. His other previous work background includes both farming and trades, as a qualified electrician. 

Dylan has always had a desire to work with youth in an adventure based setting, and with the opportunities here at 180 Degrees is able to do just that. Dylan is very excited to have the opportunity to share his passion for the outdoors with the young people at 180 and use that to invoke positive changes in their lives.


Sue Martin - Funding coordinator


After 20 years of running her own design company, Sue is excited  to transfer many of her creative skills to procure funding.  This will ensure the sustainability of our services in mentoring and education. Sue has had an ongoing interest in working with ‘at risk youth’ and has an understanding approach to the adversities our young people face.  Born on the West Coast, she understands the benefits of connecting with the outdoors to build confidence and self-belief. 

Sue enjoys photography, loves sailing and boating, and all things creative.



Jeremy has been a tower of strength in many facets of the 180 Degrees scene. His day job is as a cameraman for Racing New Zealand which includes operating a drone to capture the excitement at “the races”. His other interests include developing his adventure videography business, daredevil skiing, music and helping 180 with the filming of trips and other adventures. He also advises on IT matters.